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Staff experience

I agree totally that staff want leaders to spend time with doing practical work or at least take the time to come to the units and talk to staff. I think however that this does not happen in practise, and this is what is missing. Staff do not feel listened to or supported by all managers. How can we change this??

I think one of the biggest issues still are staffing, and how you retain and support your staff. If you do not have the right numbers you cannot even begin to make staff feel supported, and education and other important support goes out the window. And also staff will not be able to give the best care to patients although I think most staff really want to do a good job.

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 Employee on 27th October 2014

Hi Bobo, As a researcher looking into these problems, how can we change this so that managers listen and staff feel empowered to be critical? I would to know your thoughts.

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