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About PEBL

Macmillan Cancer Support have commissioned PEBL as part of the charity’s on-going work to improve the lives of people affected by cancer and support staff providing cancer care.

PEBL was originally a research project funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

PEBL is now run by PEBL Feedback Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a social enterprise and does not make profit for shareholders or owners. The CIC is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees are:-

Caroline Gunnell (Co-investigator on the original PEBL research project, Caroline is from a nursing background and has extensive experience as Research Manager in the NHS)

Ewen Speed (Co-investigator on the original PEBL research project, Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology at the University of Essex)

Charlie Davison (Principal Investigator on the original PEBL research project, Medical Anthropologist, Health Services Research and Development Consultant)