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Only include your real opinions and things that you know have really happened – PEBL is all about sharing real stories and real views.

Don’t identify yourself or anyone else. Please don’t mention anyone’s name – we suggest that you use general words to tell your story like “the doctor’s surgery” or “the nurse said to me that…”

By contributing to PEBL you are giving consent for your comments to be read by others and fed back to Macmillan Cancer Support to use in their work. When this happens only your chosen ‘nickname’ is used.
Don’t include anything offensive or illegal.

Whilst all posts are moderated to remove identifiable and offensive content before posting, you and you alone are responsible for your contribution – this web site is covered by normal UK law, so it is important that you do not say anything offensive or untrue. If you do, you could have legal action taken against you by the person or people you offend.

When you contribute to PEBL you are giving consent for your text to be edited, for your text to be checked by researchers to remove identifiable and potentially offensive material and for your text to be analysed for the purposes of providing feedback to Macmillan Cancer Support and other people involved in healthcare. Our aims are to protect your anonymity at the same time as communicating real experiences and views to people who run healthcare.

Don’t try and use PEBL to get medical advice! – Use NHS Direct.

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