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Quality of food

They say diet is an important aspect of cancer treatment, thought the NHS has cut the budget to a minimal for food, and the quality of food is extremely poor, particularly for people receiving chemotherapy who are already having taste/eating problems. Having spent 3 4-6 week periods receiving treatment for Leukeamia in hospital, I spent quite a period of time hungry as the menu wasn’t very extensive and the food was hardly edible by the time we received it. The fact that you couldn’t leave the ward to go to shop as you were neutropenic meant that ya survived on the bare minimal and as family lived quite a distance, you only had visitors a few times a week. The quality of the food in Belfast City hospital almost made a bad time worse

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 Patient on 11th July 2014

I'm a breast cancer patient, and on the whole can only give praise to all the people that have been involved in my treatment. However, I did get very frustrated with the District Nurse service. I had a PICC line fitted so needed weekly visits through my chemo to have the line flushed and redressed. Once we got into a routine, we were ok, but in the early days, it was chaotic and stressful as they sometimes didn't show up on the day they were supposed to, and I had to get used to waiting in all day for them as they were unable to give an approximate time of arrival. I found this very frustrating. Surely in this day and age, they could make a quick call or send a text in the morning, saying how far down the list you were, or giving you an approximate 2 hour window, so you knew whether you could go out in the morning or not.

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