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Ocular Melonoma

went for my eye test April 2013 did not know anything was wrong with my eye, i was sent to hospital in Liverpool there was told I had eye cancer Ocular Melonoma had not heard of this. I have had Proton Beam Radiotherapy and MRI every 6 months. The staff at Liverpool are great but I think we need more awareness of this Rare Cancer.

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The mayan
 Patient on 14th July 2014

Diagnosed september 2013 referred to glasgow. Plaque therapy treatment december 2013.....informed I would not get MRI scans even though this cancer spreads through the blood to the liver etc, have done nothing but fight for scans still with no joy only ultrasound of the liver which we all know is useless in detecting lesions.....why are sufferers of this rare orphaned cancer treated so differently from sufferers of other cancers? Is it because doctors do not know enough or because they know eventually they know we have no chance of survival. Post treatment support has been appauling

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