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Not offered an oncology appointment for over 2 years

My dad has ocular melanoma. He was miss diagnosed for 18 months and told he had conjunctivitis by a consultant at a specialist eye hospital in Birmingham. An eye consultant then spotted the tumour in dads tear duct and diagnosed OM. He told us that the only treatment was radical facial surgery to remove dads eye and about 1/3 of his face. Dad was 86 at the time and refused surgery. We weren’t offered any other treatment. 2 1/2 years later my dad has been fighting cancer when we got an oncology appointment. At this point we hadn’t seen an oncologist. Dads tumour now covers about 1/3 of his face. He is weak and struggling to eat. Oncology consultant couldn’t believe this was our first referral and told us the original consultant was wrong. The tumour could have been shrunk and dad could have had less invasive surgery. Even at this point they are offering treatment. I feel that I should have known more but excepted opinions of 3 doctors who all told us the surgery was very invasive. I feel like I have let dad down. I am spending every day with him. He is in a wheel chair and very poorly. I love him so much its just hard to watch him fade. He is 89 in a few days time.

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Charlie (PEBL administrator)
 Relative on 14th December 2017

Dear Tiz - thanks for your post to PEBL. We are sorry to hear the story of your Dad's late diagnosis and lack of treatment and wish him all the very best. As you will have noticed, this discussion site is not very much used right now (the original project was during 2014), although it's still open for use. You may already have looked at the Macmillan cancer support site, but in case you haven't seen these pages (links below), I think they would be good place for you to visit. One is a discussion forum about eye cancers and the other is an 'ask an expert' page. I think that you might find some helpful discussion/advice there if you post about your father's experiences. If anyone posts a response to your story on PEBL, I will see it and it will be posted as a reply like this one. With very best wishes to both you and your Dad, from PEBL Feedback.

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