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Hair loss

Thank you NHS for saving my life. I am now in a position to give back and am trying to do that through working with a charity Heather’s Hair that provides free weaves (donations appreciated) to anyone with hair loss. I wore the prototype and it saved my sanity and gave me confidence particularly as I had fine hair before the chemo so a wig just felt alien.
We have sent out well over 150 weaves to ladies mostly starting chemo who have found out about us through my occasional posting on the bcc forum and word of mouth. Our trouble is trying to get into hospitals. Bristol Cancer Information and Support Centre Officer and Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre have been amazing at displaying our leaflets and we have had a lot of ladies requesting a weave from there but we have sent leaflets to so many others hospital oncology ward and heard nothing. We are only trying to help and as we have had personal experience of cancer realise that money can be tight hence we offer them free. Thankfully we do get enough in donations to keep us going. Please check us out and if you have any suggestions of how to spread the word we would be very grateful.

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