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breast cancer

I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2012 and had horrendous experiences getting treatment. I had the first of 6 chemotherapy treatments then dropped off the hospitals radar. They didn’t write or phone to let me know when my next appointments were, and no-one answered the phone on the many occasions I tried to phone them to find out. In the end I had to turn up at the hospital in person to find out when I could have the rest of chemo. Then they could not find the results of my herceptin tests, so I had to engage in a major battle over several weeks to get them to find my positive result and give me the herceptin.

Then when I had my mastectomy several admin mixups meant I was mixed up with another patient and nearly had the wrong operation and an overdose of anaesthetic for someone 27 kg heavier because they had written my weight down wrong on the form.

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