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Wrong result anxiety

I took an HIV self test with Preventx/ in early 2020, which showed reactive but was subsequently tested clinically as negative in both a rapid and confirmatory test (done using proper syringe and needle, 4th gen chemiluminescence). I took over an hour to get my finger prick in the self-test that I suspect some of the blood might have dried up and increased the concentration of whatever mimicked HIV antibodies, or I might have simply won the 0.1% lottery for specificity. I think the device they used was Roche Elecsys HIV Duo and gave a COI of around 11 for Ab. This has now made me vary of any kind of self-test. I am still a virgin male, but still have an anxiety on taking another test now to confirm. I like the anonymity of the BioSure test, but what worries me is that if by chance I test positive again, I doubt I survive the panic until I make past the long NHS waiting list for a clinical test (as far as I am aware NHS test is not anonymous either).

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 13th September 2021

Hi Tungsten, So sorry for not replying sooner. We understand that self-testing can be scary but ultimately, it is better that you know. Self-testing is not for everyone but the option to test wherever and whenever you want is a preferred testing choice for some. The chance of you receiving a false-positive result with the BioSURE HIV Self Test is unlikely; on average 998 in every 1,000 positive results are correctly detected. And although any positive result must be confirmed with a healthcare professional, at the end of the day you are in control of your health and you can take control. I hope this helps to ease your worries. All the best, the BioSure team.

 Used on 13th August 2021

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