Talking about home testing for HIV

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About PEBL

PEBL is a Social Enterprise specialising in anonymous web and app based story telling and discussion. We provide a community space for people to exchange views and experiences in their own-words, in their own time.

This PEBL site is run by PEBL Feedback Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a Company which does not make private profit for shareholders or owners – it runs to serve the community and surpluses go into further development.

PEBL was originally a research project funded by the National Institute for Health Research. Now, PEBL Feedback CIC is managed by a Board of Trustees:-

Charlie Davison (Charlie is a Medical Anthropologist, he was Principal Investigator on the original PEBL research project)

Caroline Gunnell (Co-investigator on the original PEBL research project, Caroline is from a nursing background and has extensive experience as Research Manager in the NHS)

Ewen Speed (Co-investigator on the original PEBL research project, Ewen is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology at the University of Essex)