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worried that I might have caught HIV

Hello…I have been very concerned and extremely worried that I might have caught HIV from unprotected vaginal intercourse (I am male)…4 days after the incident I had a numb pain in arm and six days later I had a runny nose (I also suffer from all year round allergies) and some time later a rash but I also used to get rashes and pimples before this incident doctor said the rash was urticaria all those lasted about two months then cleared up they rash clear up before the runny nose. Then I took two Google and my fears were amplified by 1000% after Google. I had all the symptoms I read about but I never had swollen glands or fever I have been under constant stress and anxiety fah da past months after da incident so I finally heard about self testing which I did at 89days, 97days and my last one a biosure self test (CE marked) at 108 days post exposure all were negative but I am still worried as I still have symptoms that seems to be because of months of constant stress and anxiety I keep checking myself for weight changes or spots or anything I’m going mad…can I relax and continue wit my life or should I take another test? Could I possibly not have enough antibodies?

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 Used on 18th October 2018

the incident happened on 17th june and I used the biosure test on 3rd of october I am just going crazy out of my mind im losing sleep over this and I wake up very early in the morning and start to panic and this lasts all day everyday even after I had the negative biosure test result...I would just also like to know that if my symptoms were related to seroconversion would the test pick it up or could I have had a false negative at 108days

 Used on 18th October 2018

hi miss bard thank you very much for the response but please do tel me could it be possible that I didnt produce enough antibodies at 108days(15 weeks) past exposure even if I had these symptoms..I am just very worried about this and how accurate and reliable is the biosure self test

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 15th October 2018

Hi crazyanxiety. The symptoms you are describing are much more likely to be caused by something other than HIV. Without knowing the other 2 HIV self tests I am unable to comment on their accuracy however the BioSURE HIV self test would be a true reflection of your HIV status after this time frame. I would recommend against testing again as this is only going to prolong your acceptance of the negative result however if you wish to do another test please make sure it is CE marked. I hope this has answered your questions and worries and has helped put your mind at rest. Thank you for choosing BioSure and please do not hesitate to contact me further. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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