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Worried - Should I retest?

Hi Biosure team,

I see many people testing more than once to be sure their negative is reliant. I have only tested once with Biosure, it was a negative result. Is this conclusive, even though it was only one test? Should I retest?

Thanks a lot

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 Used on 11th March 2021

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Tester! My exposure was actually two years before I performed the test. I have messaged Biosure through their live chat as I was getting very anxious and was told this negative is extremely accurate and I don’t need to retest. Thanks! :)

 Used on 02nd March 2021

I do not work for BioSure, but I would say it depends on how long after your last exposure you tested? i.e. if you tested at 5 weeks post exposure, then you should probably test again at 12 or 13 weeks. BioSure claims that a test conducted 12 weeks post-exposure is conclusive. Take that for what you will. Hopefully someone from the company will respond to you.

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