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Just Wondering Girl



Using a knife at home to draw blood

Is it ok to use a knife at home to do get the blood if I wash it first. I heard other users have done this if they couldn’t use the lancets provided ? Would the test outcome still be valid and accurate getting the blood this way. Would I be able to just was the knife before using it and use that blood? Or would it affect the result? I don’t really want to use the lancet.

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 01st September 2020

Hi Just Wondering Girl, I would recommend to use the lancet however as long as you extract enough blood via another method then your result should still be reliable. As long as there is nothing harmful on the knife which might cause further irritation or infection then I would say this is okay to use. We understand that users may be wary of using the lancet provided but it is truly the best method. The lancet is for paediatric use and therefore has a very small needle. It is single use which means that it can only be fired once and is easy to see if it has been tampered with before use. The lancet is sterilised before being sealed into the pouch. There is nothing harmful on the lancet that can cause further infection. I would recommend to use the lancet if possible. Kindest regards, Becky

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