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Two tests after 17 weeks of possible exposure


I took two tests after possible exposure. Although I used to use condoms, there were some blisters on my testicles so I am worried about getting inflected because of vaginal fluid might get a direct access to my blood stream through them”

My friend helped me with the first test where the tip did not get the required amount of blood so I needed to use another needle to get more blood to let the tip fills. The test was negative.

I had the second one in the car where the weather was a little bit hot so switched on the conditioner. I managed to fill in the tip myself but I forgot to put buffer pot on its place. After I had recognised that I placed the tip on the hole of the tray without the buffer pot, I quickly took it up, put buffer in the hole of the tray, ensured that the tip had the required amount of the blood and continued the test which came negative.

I have bleeding gums “possibly periodontitis” as my gum is always bleeding. After I had my tests “with no exposure after them”, I was engaged in “a deep kissing and non penetration sex” with my girlfriend who does not have any bleeding gums and who got sick after that. After one week or so, she started having symptoms such as: sore throat, swollen lymph around the neck, up to 38.8 C temperature, fatigue, nausea, gum infection and bleeding gums after brushing teeth, dry cough, rash on chest.

I really started getting worried about her.

Do you think that my tests are really accurate with way I explained? Do you think that my girlfriend’s symptoms are due to hormones changes “as she is still virgin”? Do I need to suspect that the I might had been infected and transmitted the virus to my gf?

I can send you photos of the results of my tests if you like.


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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 18th May 2020

Hi BioSure taker, HIV transmission can occur when vaginal fluid of a HIV positive individual enters the bloodstream of a HIV negative individual through an open cut, or vice versa, but this type of transmission is usually very low. This is not to say that it cannot happen and it is always recommend that you practice safe sex, especially if you are partaking in sexual activity with a partner of an unknown status. If both of your HIV tests were negative, that is a good indication of your status but remember to always retest 12 weeks post exposure for a conclusive result, if you have not done so already. If you would like to send me photos of your tests, please send them to and I will be happy to confirm them for you. A lot of the symptoms that you have described your girlfriend to have had/be experiencing do sound a lot like symptoms related to HIV, however, they could also be due to flu or even COVID19, given the recent outbreak. I would recommend that if you and your girlfriend are having sexual intercourse or contact, to always practice safe sex and maybe get tested together if this is something that she is comfortable with. It is always better to know each others statuses. As mentioned above, the type of exposure you have described is typically low but I cannot say for certain that it is impossible. But the fact that you have tested negative would suggest that you have not transmitted any virus to your girlfriend. Just remember that our test has a 12 week window period. I hope this information helps, if you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them below or give me an email if you would prefer. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSure UK

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