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The mind is a powerful thing

I know a lot of people will desperately be searching the Internet after a possible exposure looking for symptoms because I did… And I can tell you now.. DO NOT DO IT! Your mind is a powerful thing. After a risky exposure on a girls holiday I didn’t think anything of it till I got a sore throat, a rash and fever swollen glands… Obvs I googled this and my brain went OMG I HAVE IT THAT’S IT I HAVE IT! I then developed headache, muscle aches, joint aches thrush on my tongue all for which I went to Dr’s for. 4 weeks post exposure I ended upĀ  In Hospital with a water and cervix Infection. At this point I am absolutely convinced I have HIV. I was back and forwards to the Dr’s. Scared so so scared breaking down everyday thinking how stupid iv been… And guess what… My results came back negative!… After all that! Your mind is so so powerful… Since having a negative result… Nothing absolutely nothing! My advice would be if you think you’ve taken a risk go to a clinic within 72 hours to put your mind at rest! If it’s longer than that get a blood Test done properly after 4 weeks and again at 12 don’t wait around and use Google – you will make Yourself sick

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 Used on 15th January 2019

I completely agree. I did something similar in Oct 17 but probably with a greater high risk of exposure. Started suffering from joint pain, twitching, muscle / head aches and thrush in the following months. I got tested at 4 weeks and 12 weeks (4th generation) which were both negative. The symptoms disappeared until I started getting UTIs after 12 months, guess what, the anxiety started again and all the original symptoms returned. I got tested again at 13 months and results came back negative. However, I don't think my mind could accept the results unless I did the test myself so I ordered a biosure kit and carried out test - no surprise it was negative - I've drawn a line under this now!! Please try and forget about the what if's and using google!!

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