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Thank you biosure

For about 7 years, I have been worried about my status. Although I didn’t have unprotected sex, I know there is a small chance you can get infected by someone with hiv.

My worry started when I was having flu like symptoms but coupled with the extreme night sweats. Not knowing what this was, I google it and most results pointed to HIV infection – so I panicked and thought the world was going to end. At this time I was single but going on dates etc which made me convinced I had some-how contracted it..

Since then I’ve had a long term parter and we’ve always been safe but I’ve always had this worry in the back of my mind.

This test was a big deal for me and I was extremely stressful but I’m so glad I did it. Although I KNEW I should go and get tested, I guess I was too afraid and not brave enough.

If this test was not available I would have gone on for probably a lot longer carrying the worry around, so thank you very much!!

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