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What an amazing thing. My father is HIV positive.
I understand and am aware that it is no longer a death sentence and it is a manageable illness. I am however paranoid about contracting it myself. I have started a relationship and after seven months we both decided to not use condoms (I’m on the pill) I have never done this before and had regular hiv tests with the doctor since my fathers diagnosis so knew I was clean. My partner told me he had a test before we went out and was clean. A few weeks later I had the flu, sore throat, rash, headache- alarm bells started ringing! After dad I convinced myself my partner was a liar and I had HIV. I found this website and ordered the test which came very quickly. Getting to the doctors is hard with my professionand it is also horrible having to explain your situation in person. It was easy to do (longest 15 mins of my life!) but I was negative. More than that I had peace of mind. This has been haunting me for ages. I had convinced myself every bit of eczema, headache or sore throat was a sign I had the illness. This is a wonderful test and one I wish was around before my father contracted the disease as it took a long time for that to be diagnosed.

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