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So in my paranoia I went and had my blood draw for labs, because frankly I have a lot of severe symptoms that have persisted and even worsened since I took my first test. So in two weeks(ish) I will find out how truly accurate the BioSure HIV Self Test really is. I am ashamed to say I have take 4 tests now. One at 13 weeks, 15 weeks, 16 weeks, and 18 weeks (today). I had my blood drawn earlier today, then took the test about 30 min later. The result, as with the previous three, was negative. This time I kept the test for an hour. I must say, after 40 minutes the test starts looking weird, and never was there a solid second (positive) line. However there was some blood sticking by the edge on one side where the positive line might be? That was very distressing. At any rate, there has always been a pronounced test line (meaning I ran the test correctly) and it has always showed up right away (about 3 min).
So BioSure – we shall see. I will back on here once I get my official results.

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 Used on 10th April 2021

So, the labs I had done - the situation was one where "we'll contact you if you test positive". It's been 26 days since the results were filed electronically (the result not published; "no comment" listed) but I have not been contacted. Weird situation I know. Perhaps this means I can move on with life? 4 BioSure tests (13 to 18 wks) and one weird blood draw later.

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