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Test well outside window period

Hi there,

I performed a test well outside of the window period (over 6 months) that was clearly negative (clear control line only) following a high risk exposure and what i believed to be HIV specific symptoms (seroconversion illness 3 weeks after exposure, then felt well for a few months then lots of symptoms such as reactive arthritis, tarsal tunnell, severe gum disease, cold sores, itchy skin/dermatitis). I didn’t take PEP nor am i on PrEP.

If this was a false negative would another Biosure have same result? Could it be that for some reason my infection can’t be detected by this specific test? In which case should i do a test that is analysed in a lab for 100% certainty or is my result conclusive?

Also, a number of people ask regarding possibility of false negatives outside the window period and they are told that their results are conclusive? Given that the reliability of the rest isn’t 100% how can you be sure?

Thanks in advance

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 Used on 21st February 2021

Hi there. Does the 99.9% reliability at 3 months change the further outside the window period you get? Eg 6 months/a year post exposure etc?

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