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Dear Sir,
I am writing again for clarification. I know I have written before and your help has been great. I took two Biosure tests a few months ago, one after another within 30mins or so. Both were negative. I recently read something about false negative results. Could you explain what this means. Should I doubt my results? Please advise. Many thanks

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Francesca Bard (BioSure UK LTD)
 Work on 17th May 2018

Hi STE, there is no need to re-test as your test result will be reliable. Our test looks for antibodies, this means that 2 weeks after the symptoms start our test will give you a reliable result. If you are still in doubt, I would recommend you going to your GP to put your mind at rest. Kind regards Francesca Bard (BioSure UK LTD)

 Used on 16th May 2018

I used one of your tests that come back negative after 4 months. But still have some symptoms do I need to retest?

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 None on 04th May 2018

Hi Worried guy 5. A false negative result is when a test result is negative but the person taking the test is actually positive for the condition being looked for, in this case HIV. This is most likely to happen when someone is testing inside what is known as the "window period" for the condition. The "window period" is the time interval during which a test cannot reliably find the condition. So, for the BioSURE HIV self test this could be as long as 12 weeks. Our HIV self test looks for the antibodies to HIV rather than the virus itself. Most people will have created the antibodies required by 4 weeks after possible exposure to the infection. If you tested less than 4 weeks after your suspected exposure and you had been infected with HIV, then a negative test result would probably be wrong. For a very few people it can take up to 12 weeks after infection for their bodies to produce the required antibodies that our test looks for, for these people a negative test may not be reliable until after the 12 week period. Our best advice is to test as soon as you feel comfortable after your possible exposure, if you get a negative result at this time, you should be aware that the result may not be reliable and you should re-test at 12 weeks. The earlier the infection is diagnosed, the better. Kind regards Francesca Bard (BioSure UK LTD)

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