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Test questions - new partner

My new partner tested negative after 52 days using the hiv duo combo test after a 2 seconds condom break with his hiv positive Ex,He was denied Pep. .On day 53 he had another potential exposure on this one a condom slip during a random hook.On this one he insisted on Pep .On finishing pep on day 30 of second exposure he tested negative with a duo combo test .He is waiting to start counting to 12 weeks again.

The questions are

1.Since he started Pep before he got to his 12 weeks for confirmation for the first exposure .Does it mean the window period starts again for his first exposure.The One he had got a negative test at week 7.Or he adds 52 +30 =82 and settles for the first exposure having been negative and this new counter is for the second exposure ?

I ask because i would like to believe if the first encounter had led to hiv by the time he finished his round of Pep by now would he would test positive since Pep was initiated for a second exposure too late for the first One.?

I am sure a lot of people have had occasions were condoms have failed them after taking all necessary precautions.

2. How does One handle the Window period counter when one takes Pep for a new risk having been in waiting over the last risk.?

3..Why is it most people who undergo Pep rarely give feedback personally on whether it worked or Not.Or if there is a link of testimonies of people who have used Pep can someone give a link ..

I would like to know when it will be okay to start having relations with him .

Thank you in Advance to whoever will be able to adequately answer this mind blogging One.

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