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TEST KIT -negative result.

I ordered the home HIV Test kit to do a self test. The test arrived in a discreet grey plastic bag, which was great as it just looked like regular parcel. The instructions was easy and simple to use. The test should be available to buy at chemist so more people can test themselves and take the correct action if they need treatment.

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 Used on 18th December 2016

Thank you Babyface - we couldn't agree more. There are an increasing number of independent pharmacies stocking our BioSURE test but the high street retailers are just too caught up by the HIVness of HIV self testing. Lloyds Pharmacy do sell online (which is quite handy as you can pick up in store) but they do not sell on shelf in store. Do please feel free to tweet or Facebook them (and encourage others!) @BootsUK @superdrug. Thanks again for your feedback

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