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Test at 29 days post possible exposure...

Hello. I am just writing to see if I understand the situation correctly. 5 weeks ago I had receptive anal intercourse with a person of unknown HIV status. The condom unfortunately broke, although he did not ejaculate. Within 48 hours I started a 28 day course of PEP, to err on the side of caution. At this time all tests (4th generation HIV test) came back negative. I self tested at 22 days and 29 days using Biosure home test kits, with each of these results being negative. Am I correct in my assumption that at 29/30 days the home test would have been around 90% accurate? I will be testing again at 6 weeks, and then will have follow up blood tests in 3 months as part of my regular STI screening, however I would just like to put my mind as much at rest as possible at this point.

Thank you!

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Test at 29 days post possible exposure...
 on 19th October 2018

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I am a 58 yr old male
 on 07th November 2016

I am a 58 yr old male who recently contracted my first ever STD. So I visited my local sexual health clinic. As standard they said they always take blood to test for other things including HIV. They told me the result would take 2 weeks. I was sent into a panic so decided to take a home test. The home test arrived in plain plastic packaging so to keep everything descrite. The instructions were very simple to follow and the test itself easy to administer and to check the results. The 15 minutes wait for the test to complete seemed a lifetime but much better than worrying for 14 days. I would recommend the home test to anyone concerned about HIV.
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Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 22nd October 2018

Hi Bruce. I would like to start by saying the accuracy of our test never changes however the rate individuals produce antibodies can differ from person to person. At 4 weeks 50% of people have produced the antibodies for HIV and at 6 weeks 95% of people have produced these. A negative BioSURE test can only be relied on after 12 weeks. You have taken the correct precautions by seeking PEP and testing for HIV and I would recommend continuing going for regular check-ups. I hope this helps put your mind at rest and thank you for choosing BioSure. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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