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Test Accuracy when test laid down during test timing?

After finally assuring myself that this test was as official and accredited as that of going to the clinic; I then saw the online how to, to realise how the test I witnessed was not left standing up during the timed test process, we had laid it down before the time was up, though most assuredly did push it into the valve to the bottom hard enough.
Also, the calculations were from the first day of the last person of exposure, rather than the last day of exposure with that person, so although in the 12th week, it was only 2/3 weeks after the last contact. The gene of the testee is that of the percentage that apparently show up within the month, but I am worried as to the accuracy of this result (being Negative), and exposure, as although the treatments are now incredible at keeping the virus at bay in both HIV+ and their HIV- partners, I do overall wish to remain in my HIV- status.

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 10th February 2017

Hi Thanks for contacting us. You are right to point out that HIV is a treatable condition if diagnosed early. Firstly, it isn't necessary for the test to be lying down for it to work correctly. The test will run just as effectively lying down as it does standing up, as long as you have pushed the test device to the bottom of the buffer pot. We do advise that the test is run standing up. So this will not have affected your negative result. Secondly, with regard to the window period, whilst your negative result is extremely encouraging, it could not be conclusive. It is possible that your partner's status may have changed between the first and last exposure. So, I would strongly advise that you test again in another 9 weeks or so. I hope that this helps. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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