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Temperature effects

I have a question about testing temperature. I tested at 13 weeks and did so in my car in a parking lot. It was only about 2 to 4 degrees Celsius outside. I had a bit of trouble getting blood from my cold finger obviously, but the control line did show up and the test was apparently “negative”. I did have my doubts as to whether a faint “Positive” line appeared. So, I tested again at 15 weeks, again under the same conditions (in my car in a parking lot with the temperature also around 4 degrees C). The control line did show up and it DID NOT seem as though a positive line appeared after 20 minutes (though I am always worried it’s faint enough I just haven’t seen it). I do have most all the symptoms of HIV but in each test the result appeared (?) to be negative. Could the temperature have interfered with the test? I did get a control line each time, but perhaps the cold temperatures interfered with the “positive” line showing up? Also how faint of a line are we talking here when it comes to a “Positive” result?  I appreciate your time and feedback. (I apologize if this is a double post, but I didn’t see my last posting listed).

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