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taking the blood sample wasn't bad at all

Fantastic service, arrived quickly, discretely packaged, very easy to use, taking the blood sample wasn’t bad at all – and I am super scared of blood or needles (thank God there’s no ordinary needle involved). It took me half an hour to force myself to push it on my finger, that’s how bad I am. From then it was just down the hill, quick, easy and comfortable.

The sexual health clinic in my city (Bradford) was closed down and I was really put off by how it works now – my GP said I have to call a special line and find out where the sexual health tests can be done and where I could get an appointment. Previously the Bradford clinic offered convenient and anonymous drop in morning sessions. I was thrilled to see the advert of your service and I couldn’t believe it’s free! I must admit I found the advert on Grindr app (how embarrassing). Thank you ever so much for your service. I don’t know when I would actually force myself to book an appointment and get myself all the way to wherever the sexual health screening is done. Although I’m not very sexually active, my last test was two years ago… Now I know I am healthy and no risk to anyone.

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