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Taking CBD oil possibly affecting my immune response?

Hi there, I’ve recently accepted my negative result using your test well outside the window period (8 months to be exact) but I’ve recently started worrying that the CBD oil Ive been taking for the same amount of time for my anxiety could have impacted my immune response and me not making any antibodies.
I’ve been googling which isn’t helping as I’ve been reading that it can affect your immune system.
You knowledge would be most helpful in this case so I can move on with my life or get tested again.

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 20th October 2021

Hi Anxious!!! The effects of CBD is still very much ongoing but it is known to be effective at easing anxiety and pain management. CBD oil will not cause interference with an HIV self test or the result. Your negative result at 8 months post exposure is reliable and conclusive - you do not need to retest. Hope this helps! Kindest regards, Becky

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