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Taken 2 tests

Hi I have taken 2 biosure tests and they have both come back negative. My exposure that worries me was over 12 years ago and for 12 years I have convinced myself that I have HIV, I have had swollen lymph nodes, really bad tiredness and eyesight issues. It is so difficult for me to believe that I haven’t got it, I have literally been torturing myself for so long that I cant get out of the mindset that its real, and I haven’t got it.

What are the chances that I could have produced 2 false negatives?

Thank you in advance

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 26th April 2021

Hi Stillconfused, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, hope you are well. False negative results are rare and given that your exposure was over 10 years ago, I am confident in saying that if you were to have been infected, it is likely that you would now be very unwell and said to be in late stage HIV infection - AIDS. Are you still experiencing any symptoms? If so, I would expect them to be much more severe, which I hope is not the case. Regardless, the 2 tests performed 12 years after a possible exposure are extremely reliable due to antibody production and the tests' detection ability (I can explain more in a second post in this thread if you wish). I hope this helps and apologies again for not being able to reassure you sooner. All the best, Becky

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