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Still having symptoms

I sucked on massage therapist nipples for few seconds, apparently she was breastfeeding but I did not notice any blood or milk, when I started querying things with her she closed her business which was strange.. Since then I did Rapid test at 4 weeks, Elisa at 6 weeks, Biosure at 8, 10, 12 and 13 weeks, all negative… Still having a lot of symptoms could I still be infected??

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Could tests be wrong?....Worried
 on 04th February 2019

Apologies for long post... I know I have anxiety and have been seeing psychologist but still have major concerns...primarily of infecting my wife...? Had stupid incident on 7 Sept, sucking on masseuse nipple who was lactating, think I took breast milk into mouth.. , I also have bad cavities in teeth, no bleeding gums that I was aware of..haven't been able to get hold of her since, she has disappeared, since I asked her if she had any STD's Tests may be extreme.. Clinic Rapid Test at 4 weeks - Negative Clinic Rapid Test at 6 weeks - Negative Elisa blood test at doctor 6 weeks 3 Days - Non Reactive Biosure test 8 Weeks - Negative Biosure test 10 weeks - Negative Biosure test 12 weeks - Negative Biosure test 13 Weeks - Negative Biosure test 16 weeks - Negative Elisa blood test at doctor 16 weeks 2 days - Non Reactive Biosure test 18 weeks 6 days - Negative.. 21 weeks now and wanting to take another one...? All shows negative, have had nausea, slight rash, body aches... but nothing serious.. Worry is my wife, she is always very healthy, she had standard clinic rapid test at 4 weeks (probable date) which doesn't mean much.. She is now suffering from severe body and joint aches, can hardly get out of bed, also with dry cough... she says its probably stress causing this but I'm really worried, not keen to go to doctor as she never gets sick.... what are the chances I gave her something..?
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Still having symptoms
 on 12th December 2018

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 12th December 2018

Hi Dazza Thanks for getting in touch with us. There is no chance that the tests you have done could all be negative. I am sure that any symptoms you may have are entirely unrelated to HIV. I hope that this helps. Kind regards Gary Carpenter Biosure (UK) Limited

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