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slight angle accuracy

I did a home test from biosure, and it filled with the correct amount of blood, and the line showed that the test ran correctly, but whilst it was doing its test I held it at a slight angle; the test came back negative, would the test be accurate or does it have to stand upright all the time?……Also concerned that the possible date of infection for me was over 12 weeks; in fact it was 14 weeks ago. I purchased a biosure home kit, and result was negative how accurate can I assume this test is. I carried out the instructions and saw the first red line appear, there was no evidence of a second one… So can I assume the test was accurate?

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 Work on 09th April 2019

Hi ConcernedUK. The chances of one test giving you a false negative result is extremely low (999 in every 1000 negative results will be true), 2 is virtually impossible. Oral exposure is a very low risk exposure, meaning the chances of contracting HIV from this are very unlikely, however I do have to reiterate that our tests can only be classed as a negative conclusive result 12 weeks post possible exposure. I would recommend putting the incidents behind you and moving on knowing you have tested and done the right thing. I would then test again in 3-4 weeks and make testing a regular part of your life, just like going to the dentist. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

 Used on 06th April 2019

Firstly apologies for the long email/question. I had 2 sexual experiences one was a brief encounter for about 4 to 5 weeks the other was a one off encounter, these were 20 weeks and 15 weeks ago, respectively. I carried out my first Biosure test a couple of weeks ago so latest possible date of infection was 13 to 14 weeks, my first test came back as negative as I saw the control line. I did have another encounter about 9 weeks ago, but there was no actual sex, but there was oral involved, (me receiving not giving), and I also used my fingers inside the woman. As I said this was 9 weeks ago. Given that there is a possibility of a false negative for the first test I have completed, I have as of today carried out a further test; this came back negative, although I did have to reinsert the syringe into the buffer, and it did take a bit of time for the blood to move upwards, however eventually the only line that I saw was the control line, and I waited for about 22 minutes, and from reading the instructions this is a negative result. So my questions are in 3 parts really, (and I appreciate that you are not Doctors). Firstly would it be possible to carry out two tests and for them to produce both fasle negativee results? Secondly; I appreciate that there is a window period of 12 weeks, and my last encounter was only 9 weeks ago, albeit with no physical sex taking place took place, would I need to do another test in 3 weeks time? One of the reasons that I was asking is that with the first encounter now approximately 17 weeks ago, I contract a really bad form of flu, and although I worked through there were remnants that carried on for a few months, such as a cold, aching muscles, I didn't have any stomach or bowel issues, nor have I had any night sweats, I did at the time of the flu have a fever for a few days, and a feeling of lethargy, I had no swollen or tender glands, my groin ached a little. I have now got over that, but about 3 to 4 weeks ago I developed what I believe to be oral thrush, I had hoped it would go away, but it hasn't, but I was taking Ibrufen , and paracetamol. I then developed an outer ear infection, which I think was mainly me poking my ear a lot. Now lastly I developed an ulcer on the outskirts of my cornelia, however I do wear contact lenses, and this took about 3 to 4 weeks to clear up, with lots of antibiotics. That's it apologies for the long email once again, hope that you can help, but I am still stressing out about this.

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 27th March 2019

Hi concernedUK. Holding your test at an angle will not affect your result, the test will run whether it is standing, at an angle or laying flat. As long as you have a negative/control line then your test has worked, this can only appear if the test has been performed correctly and is there so the user knows their result is valid. The test accuracy never changes, the reason we say a negative result can only be relied upon 12 weeks post possible exposure is because our test looks for antibodies to HIV rather than the virus itself. At 14 weeks these will most definitely be present and your negative result is conclusive. I hope this helps put your mind at rest. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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