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Seroconversion and timing

Hello there I took the Biosure test at 84 days and was negative which you say is conclusive. However I have symptoms that have started on the 80th day I know it would take 7 days from the onset of symptoms to show a positive result. Would I have to test again on the 87th day or is my result conclusive?

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Unsure lad
 Used on 23rd November 2019

I had a similar concern. On day 77 i developed symptoms relates to that of a cold or a flu. Tested on day 84 with biosure it was negative. After reading this I am somewhat relieved that even mine can be said it is conclusive.

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Used on 21st November 2019

Hi Don’tKnow, your test at 84 days is conclusive, by 84 days if you were HIV positive you would have triggered a positive line. The symptoms you are experiencing are not related to HIV and I can confirm this from your negative result. I hope this helps and you can now move forward making more informed choices. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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