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Scared of Results



scared of results

Did the BioSure Self Test.
Hung on to it for almost a week before plucking up the courage to finally do it.
Realised it had been over 3 years since my last test and although I’m generally safety conscious I hadn’t kept up to date with getting regularly tested.
I normally find the whole testing and waiting experience a little traumatic and do not enjoy answering the numerous questions that are asked in the process. A simple home test that I can use with a result within 15 minutes is exactly what I need.
Easy to use and although I was scared of what the result might be, I did the test, and necked some wine while I waited for the result. Thankfully i received a negative result and am pleased I have done the test.
Only thing I recommend is keeping a tissue nearby as I bled more than expected and ruined a tea-towel.

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