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Result before 15 mins

Hi I recently attended a clinic in London who uses your tests, I also tested at home in March this year and received a negative result in 15 minutes but it was only 2 weeks after unprotected sex so I knew I had to retest .

It has now been way over 12 weeks since the exposure and I received a negative test this week. My questions are

1. The man who performed my test laid the test down straight away even though your instructions say to keep it up right

2. He read my result to me sooner than the 15 minute period , I cannot be sure how long as he was talking to me whilst the test ran but I am pretty sure it wasn’t 15 minutes.

I’m quite disappointed in this considering this was a HIV charity and this man performs tests like this daily. I am now worried my test result wasn’t accurate ?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 14th July 2021

Hi NLR1, 1. The test is perfectly okay to be laid down whilst still running. This would have no effect on the result of your test. 2. Our HIV self test has a stable read time of 45 minutes (from 15 minutes - 1 hour after your test begins to run). It is often possible for a result to be visible before the 15 minutes so it may have been that the volunteer could not see any indication of a positive test line but could see a very strong control line which led him to assume that the result was negative. Additionally, given that your exposure was over 12 weeks ago, it is very likely that a test line would have been somewhat visible before the control line (since the test runs laterally). However, we will be in touch to ensure that this is not common practice. Thank you. I hope this helps. Becky

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