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I honestly believe this is the best product on the market right now and the best £30 I’ve ever spent in my life. Used this test once before when I panicked about HIV after I could have put myself at risk. This test was brilliant then, however last summer I stupidly put myself possibly as risk again, I waited eight months to get the negative I wanted and I can honestly say it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had.

One thing to all you worried people out there, don’t panic and don’t wait to do the test. I waited over a year once and eight months this time. Do it as soon as you can and start reliving your life.

Thank you so much Biosure for creating in my mind the best product in the world currently.

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 Used on 15th March 2017

Dear Relievedwarrior, thank you so much for your feedback. We are delighted you have found our test so usable and helpful. As a company we are incredibly aware of the sensitivity with HIV testing and the more we can normalise the conversation, the better it is for everyone. There is a global plan from UNAIDS to eradicate HIV (called the 90-90-90 Goals) and it is so vital that people know their status. HIV is treatable now, so people can live a long and healthy life if they are HIV positive and IF they know their status and are on treatment. It really is far scarier not knowing than knowing. Thank you so much again. Brigette (CEO BioSure)

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