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I had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker on the 29/12/2019, unprotected oral on the 05/07/2020 and again unprotected oral with another sex worker on 30/08/2020. It makes me sick that I ever did these things and my anxiety is through the roof. I took a biosure test today (07/10/2020) as I couldn’t deal with the anxiety and constantly checking for symptoms. My test result was negative and I was wondering if this is conclusive?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 08th October 2020

Hi Bananas87, Please try not to beat yourself up about it. Your negative results are reliable and conclusive for the first two exposures. However given that our test has a 12 week window period, you will have to wait 12 weeks from your last possible exposure to get a conclusive result for that one specifically. I hope this information helps. All the best, Becky

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