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Realy paranoia

I got 5 times the Biosure Hiv Self Test After from last Sex Contact (unprotect oral sex and protect vaginal sex). all test after 3 month and also I had lab base test (full STI test. including Hiv)
Last biosure test at 5th month.

all my biosure and lab test results is negative. but I cant stop my brain.
1) Am I 100% hiv negative?
2) Can I stop my worrying and do I need an other test?

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 31st August 2017

Hi paranoia Thanks for getting in touch and I really empathise with your anxiety. I hope that I will be able to put your mind at ease over your HIV status. Firstly, condom protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex both carry a very, very low risks of transmission. Secondly, there is absolutely no chance at all that 5 BioSURE HIV Self Tests would all be falsely negative if taken more that 3 months post exposure. Finally, there is absolutely no chance that two different types of test, a BioSURE HIV Self Test and full lab based screen, would both be falsely negative. If the incident you describe is your only possible exposure I can guarantee that your HIV status is negative. I absolutely would not recommend that you put yourself through any form of additional testing. You really don't need it and it will only add to your anxiety levels. Your HIV status is negative, you just need to find some way of accepting it. I hope that this has helped. Kind regards Gary Carpenter Head of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs BioSure (UK) Limited

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