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I had oral sex with sex worker unprotected and protect sex 5 weeks ago, 1 weeks later i started getting congestion, sore throat (no fever). I took the Biosure HIV test (26, days after) and was negative, Then after 4 weeks again started getting congestion, sore throat (no fever). I m realy anxious, I took the Biosure HIV test again (31, 36 days after) and was negative. What is the possibility turn to positive.

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Realy anxious
 Used on 11th May 2017

Hi Gary, My tangue became white today, i think this thrush and I realy scared, please give advise.

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 10th May 2017

Hi Realy Anxious Thank you for contacting us. The chances that the result will change are made up two things: the chance that you are HIV positive on the basis of the events that you describe and then the chances that if you were infected through those incidents that you would have seroconverted by the time you tested. The chance that you would pick up HIV from a single incident of protected sex is 0. The chances of picking up HIV from a single incident of unprotected oral sex is about 1 in 9,000. The chances of not seroconverting by 36 days is around 1 in 12. Overall I would say the chances of your result becoming positive after 12 weeks is around 1 in a 100,000. Your negative BioSURE HIV Self Test results are, therefore, very encouraging. To be absolutely certain you would need to do another test after 12 weeks. I hope that this answers your question. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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