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I am an extremely anxious person and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve taken 4 Biosure HIV tests (all of which have come out negative). However I have had a habit of analyzing the pictures that I’ve taken of the tests a little too much and sometimes in the pictures I can see the faintest discoloration where the positive line would be. When I say the faintest I mean the FAINTEST and I honestly think it’s my eyes playing tricks on me. Another important thing to mention is that I haven’t been sexually active for 8 months and my last unprotected sexual encounter was August 2019 so a good 15 months ago. If I were to be positive would the test line be dark and obvious? Especially since I’ve taken 4 tests and they’ve all looked negative. Your help at easing my mind would be greatly appreciated!

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 10th November 2020

Hi Over thinker, Yes you are totally right in saying that if you were to be HIV positive, given the time since your exposure and testing, the test line would be very visible. Under some light and scrutiny it is possible to see the faintest shadow almost - this is simply where the test line is sprayed onto the strip, it is not a line. The fact that you have performed 4 tests and all results have been negative is an extremely good indication that you are HIV negative. You should try to move on and put this behind you - your negative results are conclusive. I hope this helps, Becky

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