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Question about faint line on rapid blood test

I had receptive anal sex with a few partners (all wearing condoms and HIV negative) for a while and on September 2019 I attended a party in which I was drugged and raped by another man in which I am not certain of his HIV status. I suffered depression soon after and then a week ago in May 2020 – few months after mental encouragement from my peers – I recently went for a 4th Generation Rapid Blood Test and the test line appeared to be faint; the doctor said the test line looks like it is “reluctant” to show and I’m subjected to a Western Blot. I wonder, if the faint line mean anything? Could it be a false positive? Other than a viral fever (in the family) after the incident (which started off from my brother) – I have never been sick nor I have any symptoms of HIV that I am aware of.

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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 02nd June 2020

Hi Anonymous Anxiety, Thank you for sharing your story. If there was a faint test line, I would have thought that the doctor performing the test would have recognised this as a positive result. There is a chance of the result being a false positive as it is strange that your doctor said that the test line was reluctant to show but it is good practice that you have followed up with a western blot test. Did you receive the results back from this test? Given the window period, I would say that any result from the second test would be accurate and conclusive and would definitely show whether the fourth generation test result was a false positive or not. Since I am only trained in reading results/giving advice on the BioSURE HIV self test, I am unfortunately unable to comment on the reliability of your previous test results and would recommend to get in contact with your doctor to discuss your results further. Sorry that I cannot be of more help. Wish you all the best, Becky

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