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Privacy and peace of mind

As a gay man living in a rural part of the United Kingdom, access to sexual health screening which you can rely upon to be dealt with confidentially is limited. This is largely due to the fact that the people who work in the GP surgery are my friends and acquaintances – I trust that they would never breach my confidentiality with others outside the practice but they would know themselves. It is also difficult to get time to travel to a city and attend a Sexual Health Clinic.

Whilst I have never engaged in high risk activity, low risk is not no risk. The BioSURE kit has allowed me to test in the privacy of my own home and it was incredibly simple to use. I would have been unlikely to attend for a test at my local practice so I am hugely thankful that this test is now available. Ihope that it will allow many more people in a situation similar to mine to stop the anxiety which comes with not knowing your status.

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