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Partner got pre-cum in his eye

I saw a male escort and while were having (safe) sex he thought he got pre-cum in his eye. He was wearing contact lenses which might increase the risk of infection, although infection via the eyes is said to be no or very low risk. As I hadn’t been tested for HIV for several months I offered to take a test to reassure him. Test result negative, happy holidays for all.

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 Used on 26th January 2017

I had oral sex and the man's teeth drew blood on the head of my penis. I have been very stressed about this for a few years. However, I knew that it was only a matter of time until any HIVinfection would come to light. I am over 50 and going to an STD clinic is something I hate. They ask so many personal questions and there is a wait until test results are known. I took the Biosure test and the result was negative. It was so easy and although I was anxious, I was in my own home with no personal questions to answer. Thank you Biosure.

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