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Paranoid Hypochondriac

After a monogamous decade relationship, I started to date again.

I found myself being careless with a man. (which is not safe and not clever if you know yourself, to be a paranoid individual when it comes to STD’s). I ended up with an STD, because of my recklessness with him.

I ended up torturing myself mentally and conjuring up illness symptoms and seeing spots and immune problems.

I bought this test as I live far away from clinics and I am rather embarrassed to enter one too often.

This test was easy to use, relieved my mind and took a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you also for the youtube video online, the directions really helped when it came to the small pot to put it in.

I love the letter you put in with it, its made me really think that it is just three letters. It is better to know the status and get treated. I actually appreciate that small post card.

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