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No test 100% accurate

I know that none of the HIV tests are 100% accurate. Based on this have the following clarifications.

1. If none of the tests are accurate, how can anybody know whether the person is infected with HIV or not. Can it go undetected for ages until the person converts from HIV to AIDS.
2. If your test kit shows false negative, what are the odds that all subsequent tests taken via biosure is showing as false negative. This is asked to make sure whether we need to take some other company tests to see whether it gives different result or is it just odds. I am wondering if one company gives false negative, all subsequent tests done through that company will give same false negative. Please confirm.

3.If a person gets detected by HIV after a period or 1 year or 2 years,is it still possible for him to get antiretroviral treatment and expand his life expectancy?

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