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Hi Purchased this test and did it over the weekend, after 3 months.
I received what I think is a negative result. The control line was faint and couldn’t see any other line. Just one quick question, probably already know the answer, is it possible that the test line is so faint that I wouldn’t see it easily? I just looked quickly at the result and then threw it away?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 01st September 2020

Hi Anonymous, The test line can appear as faint when users who are positive test inside of the window period, this may be as the test can detect slight infection but the level of antibodies in the blood is low and therefore binding to the test strip will be minimal. The results are designed to be read in natural light, you do not need to shine direct light onto the test strip is order to read your result so I would not worry that you have missed seeing a faint test line. As long as you received the control line then your test has worked perfectly and your result is negative. I hope this helps, Becky

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