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still a bit concerned



Negative - Do i need this confirmed?

All the videos and literature says “if you’re positive don’t panic – get your results confirmed by a health care professional” – Does this apply to negative, also?
Should I get my result confirmed?
Buy another test to be sure? Or believe that it’s negative?

I’m currently not sexually active – haven’t been for about 2 years, so not at risk – I’m assuming any exposure I did have would have made this test positive, with it being outside the “Window period” – so do I just get on with life as normal?


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 Used on 05th April 2016

Thanks Highlander, that's really helpful and much appreciated. 'Still a bit concerned' - yes, following an exposure of 2 years ago - well outside of the 3 month window period - you would show a positive test result had HIV infection occurred at that time. The test is proven to be extremely accurate. You can get on with the rest of your life and do not need to get your negative result confirmed

 Thinking on 05th April 2016

Hope this helps - I saw this bit on the FAQ page of the biosure hiv selftest:- "How accurate is my BioSURE HIV Self Test? – Extensive research has proven this test is extremely accurate when performed correctly, with similar accuracy to a pregnancy test. It has a proven clinical sensitivity (if a person has HIV how often the test will be positive) of 99.7%, this means that on average 997 in every 1,000 positive results will be correct. It has a proven clinical specificity (if a person doesn’t have HIV how often will the test be negative) of 99.9%, this means that on average 999 in every 1,000 negative results will be correct. If you are at all unsure of your result you must go and see a healthcare professional to perform another test"

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