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My first instant HIV test

I’ve done several home HIV testing kits before. I find them more convenient and easier to cope with, especially if you’re afraid of needles and having blood drawn.

What I initially hadn’t realised was that it was an instant test and not the kind you send off in the post to receive a result later on by text.

I followed the instructions: unfurled the pack, popped everything where it was meant to go, expertly used the lancet and swore really loud, on cue, to get the blood sample.

I was fascinated by how the blood got sucked up the tube then it set in. I was going to find out whether I was positive or not after fifteen minutes and not two weeks.

The result came out negative but there’s a part of me that knows that I need to do this again in three months. I need to look after myself, know my status and not be a dick to the people I’m sleeping with by putting them in danger.

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