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Meant to go to a clinic but my sister told me about biosure

Meant to go to a clinic but my sister told me about biosure as she was a tester.I think it’s great to have access to such tests at home.However- although there is the opaque bag- if you live with someone else they would wonder why a sealed bag or seemingly unopened package has been thrown out- leading to uncomfortable answers.

Also the box was clearly marked HIV test so again – if u live with someone the privacy bit goes out the window eg i was quite pre occupied with other things and i opened the outer packaging then got distracted and left the box on my dining room table. Luckily i live alone- but left me wondering if you have a room mate they would see that u want to test for HIV. So maybe make a box thats less conspicuous.
I found the instructions easy to follow but initially found it daunting to go through the information because of the large booklet which makes it look like there’s lots to do. A leaflet like the pregnancy tests should suffice i think.

Lastly- how do i know I’m not the 1:1000 with a false negative result??

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 Used on 15th March 2016

Thanks for your feedback. It is a requirement of the CE marking process that the box is very clearly marked for the contents, it is European law, but the kit is despatched in discreet, opaque packaging with no external markings so when it arrives through your letter box there is no indication as to the contents - it looks like any other package. Again the very detailed instructions are a requirement to make sure everybody can perform the test and read the result as accurately as a trained healthcare professional, a simple instruction such as with a pregnancy test would just not suffice unfortunately. No test is ever 100% accurate, including pregnancy tests. If you have any concerns about your result you could visit a sexual health clinic and have another different type of test or alternatively test again in 3 months. Hope that helps

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