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Maybe HIV Exposure


I had sex with a prostitute around October 25 of 2019 when I was having sex with her the condom broke I have since then been worried if I might had exposure to HIV.. I took a test 2 weeks after the incident came back negative I took a test a month after an incident and than I took another test a month and a half later everything so far came back negative. I just took another test which it has been 11 weeks after my supposedly exposure still waiting on my results (hoping is still negative). I have not had sex since the incident since I’ve been worried scared and had anxiety.

My question is if I come back negative after 11 week should I still worry about maybe have contracted HIV?
Should I also retake another test since apparently it only has been 11 weeks and not 12 weeks?
What are my chance of have contracting HIV and not showing in the test what are my chances of HIV showing up in the future?

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 Thinking on 15th January 2020

Thank You so much for responding and for answering the questions I have me relief

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 15th January 2020

Hi Umari12345, It really depends on what kind of test the clinic has provided. But 6 months is a very long window period and sounds unlikely. Gum loss is a symptom of HIV at a very advanced stage - usually 5 years post exposure. Seroconversion usually begins 1-3 weeks after infection so if your test was taken 11 weeks post exposure, it is likely you would have already experienced symptoms. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

 Thinking on 14th January 2020

Thank You I’m just still worried about the situation because I have been reading that it can take up to 6 months to show. So that’s why I have been worried. I also have one more question hopefully you could provide me with the answer... Does gum loss occur in early HIV symptoms or later when HIV is in later stage. In case of me having HIV symptoms it should have appear already in my 4th generation test is that correct?

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 14th January 2020

Hi Umari12345, Okay it sounds like they have used a 4th generation test which does look for antigens and antibodies to the virus. The window period for a 4th generation antigen/antibody test is about 4 weeks. By this time, 95% of all infections will be detected. Therefore, your result at 11 weeks is conclusive and there may be no need to retest, unless of course you are put at risk again soon. I hope this information helps to put your mind at rest. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

 Thinking on 13th January 2020

Yes mam - the test they took apparently they look for the virus itself and it also is a antigens and antibody test. I called and that’s what I was told. (They took blood from my arm.)

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 13th January 2020

Hi Umari12345, It all depends on which kind of test they carry out at the clinic. Often, those types of tests detect antibodies and antigens to HIV and therefore there is a shorter window period and you would not have to retest. I would recommend trying to find out which type of HIV test you have done with them. You can always retest at 12 weeks with our test for a conclusive result if that puts your mind at rest. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

 Thinking on 12th January 2020

Thank You Thank You so much for responding all the test that I have taken so far have been from the clinic from the Health Department. The last test I have taken which has been 11 weeks from my incident came back negative. Should I still take a test from BioSure?

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 10th January 2020

Hi Umari12345, What tests have you been using to test for HIV over the past month? Our BioSure test has a 12 week window period where within this period any negative result would not be definitive and you would have to retest after 12 weeks for a conclusive result. However, if you have been tested at a clinic - the tests they use usually have a shorter, if no, window period and therefore your negative result would be conclusive and there would be no need to retest after 12 weeks. It is clever to have not had unprotected sex during this time if you are still unsure of your HIV status. From the type of exposure - it may be very unlikely that a sex worker would be HIV positive however, it cannot be ruled out so it is wise of you to have taken that step to test yourself and put you in control of knowing your status. The chance of you getting HIV from this possible exposure is slim and your negative result at 11 weeks is a very good indication that you are HIV negative. However, as I said it depends what type of test you are taking. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

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