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many still regard hiv as a death sentence

I had my very first hivselftest on 14th July 2016, I do test at gum clinics regularly. My partner and I are both hiv negative. Coming from a highly population of hiv infected ethnicity I have so much experience and people do have the knowledge of hiv and it’s risks but still shun testing and everyday new hiv patients are increasing now it’s a global issue. Testing at home will benefit the majority only those who can have guts to do it, many still regard hiv as a death sentence and shun to go for checks for fear of stigma. I shared my results on Facebook social media to raise awareness and I made a video testing myself and posted it in Youtube for people to get encouraged. I wish the all World can legalise hivselftest.

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 Used on 18th July 2016

That is so wonderful. Can you email us the links and we can add to our YouTube channel? We are currently attending the World AIDS Conference and self testing can be such a critical tool in increasing testing rates. HIV is now so treatable. If it is diagnosed early, it means better health outcomes for the person and also as the treatments can make the virus become undetectable (not cured, but there is so little in your blood they can't detect it) it means there is hardly any risk of onward transmission. But if you don't test - you can't treat! Thank you for being so bold and normalising this conversation, it is absolutely critical we continue to do this if we really want to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Everyone needs to play their part.

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