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After a foolish encounter in December I convinced myself I had contracted HIV. I’d only done oral sex but some of his semen had got in my mouth when he ejaculated. A few weeks after I had a really sore throat and inflamed tonsils, only lasted a few days but I was convinced this was the start f HIV. I then discovered I had contracted lice from him, you can imagine I was now in full stress mode; if he had lice then I must have caught more from him! (this was going round in my stress out mind). Every little sign of feeling unwell I convinced myself was the start of it. Google did not help! As much as I know not to I could not help but look at the symptoms and then convinced myself I had them all.

Whist out of town with work I went to a clinic and had a rapid test at 48 days which was negative, they told me it would be good indicator of my status 4 weeks previously. This calmed me for a few weeks, then I convinced myself I had tested too early and needed another test because I had a cold and it must be HIV! Cut to me calling the clinic to ask, how certain is the test, was it 4th generation, what’s the window…I was getting really worried again.
I decided I needed to test again bit with no access to a clinic I ordered a free BioSure from THT and sure enough that came back negative at 60days. Still not convinced I purchased a BioSure and tested negative again at 71 days.
Today it has been just over 12 weeks (87days) since my encounter. Again I convinced myself that I needed to get a 12 week test, just to be sure. I decided I needed to test one final time so went to my local SuperDrug store and have tested negative again today.
I think I am finally able to accept the outcome, I do not have HIV. 4 tests later!
Moral of this story, do not let it consume you. I’ve been worried out of my mind and any little illness has been blown-up in my mind.
Although I have really worried, having access to a home test is amazing. I have been able to test at the right time for me and it’s taken away the stress of getting to a clinic which can be difficult if, like me, you live somewhere rural.
Thank goodness this is available, if you are worried – go buy a test. The more you worry the more you convince yourself of the worst. it’s better to know, either way.

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